Crafting a Vision for Your Home

The Heavenly Home: A bunch of lilacs

Crafting a Vision for Your Home

In my post, Welcome to The Heavenly Home, we talked a little bit about what a heavenly home is. But, we only scratched the surface! In this post, I mentioned how some aspects of a heavenly home will be the same for all families and some will be different. This is where cultivating a vision for your home comes in. The vision for your home that create will be dictated by your family, your lifestyle, your location, and your hobbies (just to name a few!). But ultimately, your home vision (and mine!) should be crafted by God’s Word and prayer.

What is a Vision for Your Home?

A vision for your home is simply a blueprint of what you want your home to look like. As a mama with a little one (and another one about to be here) I have been thinking, dreaming, planning, and praying about what I want my home to be. 20 years from now, what do I want my children to remember when they look back on their years spent in our home? What do I want to instantly come to their minds when they think about home?

Step 1: Brainstorm

And as I thought about all this I begin making a list of everything that was coming to my mind. I jotted down emotions that I wanted my home to evoke, like peaceful, and joy. I wrote down seemingly random things like beauty, light, and space. I noted verbs that I wanted my children to use to describe our home to others like inviting, loving, and serving. On and on I made notes: outdoors, holidays, the Bible, crafters/creative, warm, frugal

Then, I took all my brainstorming ideas to my hubby. Together we talked about our hopes and dreams for our family and our home. We looked towards the future and tried to discern what could we cultivate in our home to shepherd our children to Christ. What would win their hearts to us? What do we want them to leave our home knowing without a doubt? And how could we craft a vision of home that would make all that possible?

As we talked and dreamed and planned I kept writing. And once I had written down everything we could think of and we had prioritized our vision, we moved on to step 2.

Step 2: Write Down Your Vision

Once you are done brainstorming, write down your vision. Write it out in a clear, motto-type of way (that was some good syntax right there, folks!). Here’s what I mean:

We are a people of faith who delight in God’s Word. We seek to live the abundant life Christ has provided for us, in the fullness of joy, by cultivating loving hearts, servants’ spirits, and a warm and peaceful home filled with beauty where we can use our unique talents to creatively bless others and celebrate the gift of a life lived wholly surrendered to Christ.

The Mitzelfelt Family Vision

Whew. That is a mouthful. But it is our family’s blueprint for our home – our vision. Each aspect gives me an idea of what I need to prioritize, where I need to put my time and energies, and what my ultimate destination is.

Step 3: Write Down Specific Steps to Make Your Vision a Reality

Now that you know where you are going, you can determine what you need to do to get there. Let me explain. In the vision for our home we begin by affirming that, “we are a people of faith”. So taking just that small part of our vision I can break it down into some clear, measurable, attainable goals.

Taking it Bit by Bit

If we want our whole family to be a people of faith, we (my hubby and I) need to pass our faith on to our children. The Bible is full of instructions to do so (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, for example). We do this by (just to name a few):

  1. Reading God’s Word (individually and as a family) and obeying it
  2. Praying
  3. Sharing the gospel message with our children
  4. Discussing matters of faith and our Christian worldview
  5. Attending church together
  6. Putting everything into the broader context of Who God is and who we are in Christ

So, now I have a to-do list. Once I have the steps I need to take, I need to examine them and figure out when and how often am I going to make these things happen in our home. For example, reading God’s Word needs to happen daily – but when? Alternatively, attending church as a family needs to happen at least once a week, on Sundays. So, each task will be slightly different. Sharing the gospel message with our children or praying, for example, should be continual and will likely not be as structured as reading the Bible together as a family or going to church. So, for the unstructured things, how can I remember throughout the busyness of each day that these are important?

Each Family Will be Different

Your family’s answers to these questions will be different than ours. Right now our family Bible time happens at the dinner table as soon as we are done eating (while our dirty dishes sit in front of us!). This is because our little boy is in his highchair still so he is contained, he’s in a good mood because his little tummy is full, and we can keep an illustrated KJV Bible on our family table to help Lane remember to do our Bible time. After a lot of trial and error, this has been what works for us for now. If you have older kiddos, then your family Bible time will probably look a lot different (to start with, it most likely won’t involve a high chair!).

And on and on we break down our visions, piece by piece until we have a to-do list with measurable goals for each item. This is time consuming, but I promise it will save a lot of “thought” in the long run.

Step 4: Make a Plan to Work and Work Your Plan

One of our former pastors loved to say, “success is defined by going the right way for a long time”, and that is so true! Now that we have our plans we need to put them into action. Not just for a week, or a month, or a year, but for years and years to come. Sure, they will likely need to be tweaked and changed as children grow older and life circumstances change, but our blueprints should (more or less) stay the same. Having a vision for your home is only as good as the effort you and I put into bringing it to fruition.

Step 5: Review Your Vision and Steps Frequently

Finally we need to review our home visions frequently. We need to ask ourselves: what is working? what isn’t working? what “to-do” feels like a burden, and can I make changes to it? I have found it really helpful to review my home vision at least once a week. So often in life as wives and mamas we get busy with the routine things – laundry, meals, dishes, cleaning, repeat! And those things are important, but if we don’t keep our focus on the bigger picture then we may let our visions slide while we get bogged down in the day-to-day stuff.

Once you have put in the time to craft a vision for your home it only makes sense to put in the time to remind yourself where it is you are trying to go. Repetition is so key to our success in anything, and our home vision is no exception.

5 Easy Steps to Crafting a Vision for Your Home

To review:

  1. Brainstorm what you want your home to be
  2. Write your vision down
  3. Come up with specific steps to make your vision a reality
  4. Work your plan!
  5. Review, review, review

Sweet mamas, I hope that this helps you get some clarity on where to start when cultivating a vision for your home.

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